“Yoga has felt so good for my back. I enjoy the stretching, the sound of the music, and your calming demeanor."

— Kate BArrett


“I just wanted to express gratitude for your presence and energy in class and make sure you know what that means to me. I feel a sense of peace when I am greeted with your smile. Your encouragement, your words, and the flow of the class all helps bring me back to center and to love.."

— Stephanie Williams


"Your yoga classes are life changing. And the way that you handle the structure of classes and schedules continues to feel really clear, and therefore calming to the body and brain."

— Molly Mccarty


"Yoga as an activity has always been difficult for me; yoga as a way to check in, feel, and connect is blowing my mind and changing my life. Through better understanding of poses, minor adjustments, and subtle shifts, I am finding my authentic self. All of this has been introduced by your teaching. So thankful; you have shown me an entire new way to access my self"

— Luke Behnke


“Yoga is my new ‘most favorite’ thing!. It has really provided a calming affect and a weekly stress-reliever that I look forward to!"

— Chrystal Allen


“I have never before tried anything that is so effective and so respectful of what I can do, both physically and spiritually."

— MElanie Rowley


“I just love your integration of different approaches and practices and appreciate how you incorporate the mind, body, and spirit."

— maggie Conley


(After a one day workshop) “It was such an amazing gift to spend 2 1/2 hours loving myself! You have a wonderful nature that instantly makes everyone feel comfortable practicing, no matter what their experience is or how long it has been since they have practiced."

— Lindsay miller


“I really like the space, the flow, and your knowledge and guidance - thank you!”

— MAry Wolfe


“I definitely feel changed inside and out when I leave Esther’s class or workshop. It’s a wonderful thing and very much appreciated!”

— caroline Leone