Gentle Yoga

Tuesdays [4:15-5:20pm] at the Place

This class focuses on connecting mindfully to the breath, body, and spirit through slow movement, stretching and strengthening. Prioritizing safe alignment, we take our time to allow standing poses to imprint.  Healing and calming restorative poses add quiet, supported, and meditative qualities to the practice. Yogis of all ages, sizes, and levels are welcome. This class is ideal for beginners, people with specific limitations or injuries, pregnant women, new mothers, or the seasoned yogi seeking a calming, therapeutic practice.

Mindful Stillness

Tuesdays [5:30-6:00pm] at the Place

Guided meditations and focused breath (pranayama) to cultivate calm and clarity. Combine with Gentle Yoga or Let Go & Flow, or attend as a stand alone class.

Yoga For BAck CAre

Tuesdays [6:10-7:15pm] at the Place

An all-level class that sets a safe & effective foundation for an empowered approach to caring for back pain, scoliosis, discomfort that commonly shows up in pregnancy, or to prevent or recover from injury. Develop awareness of the physical and emotional holding that can put strain on your back, learn yoga poses that will help to unwind tension, increase postural awareness, and re-pattern habitual movements. Find the balance between strength and mobility to free your body to a greater range of motion.

reflective space

Wednesdays [5:30-5:45pm] above the LT


Wednesdays [5:45-7:00pm] above the LT

REstorative Yoga

Fridays [9:45-11:15am] above the LT


A time to collect yourself in the welcoming and quiet space of the LT studio. Dedicate this time to self-guided meditation or another quiet activity of your choice. Occasional guided meditations offered. Free of charge.

A grounding Hatha practice, addressing the needs of your whole body, while placing an emphasis on forward folds, hip openers, and deep breathing; leaving you feeling grounded & supported, setting up the perfect conditions for deep sleep.

Restorative is a gentle style of yoga that allows you to find deep release through long, supported holds. Your muscles and organs gently stretch and soften, and your nervous system becomes soothed. Nurturing poses help to lower your heart rate, allow blood pressure to drop, recharge your energy reserves, heal the effects of stress,  boost your immune and endocrine systems, and bring your mind and body into a more balanced state.