Finding My Voice

Visshudda Chakra.png

Blogging is an activity that up until recently had no place in my life, had never crossed my mind as something that I would do. After all, aside from not being a writer, what in the world would I have to say that other people would want to read? I am an observer, a quiet presence, an oftentimes shy, reserved, and fairly private individual. Sharing my thoughts through writing, especially personal thoughts and stories, felt like a stretch. Big time. 

And yet, my practice of yoga has stretched my comfort zone in many ways. It’s through the practice of yoga that I came to a place within myself of feeling the importance of sharing my thoughts in this way. I don’t dedicate a lot of time to it, and it will probably remain just a small slice my engagement in the world. My hope is that by finding the courage to share my thoughts, you are inspired to do the same in your own way. As I honor the voice of my heart, I also honor yours.

Finding my voice has a been a big piece of the puzzle for me in teaching yoga. I was a dancer before I was a yogi and my natural form of expression is movement…without words! There is a reason I was drawn to dance and not theater. I can confidently tell a story through movement, but when it comes time to talk, all of my self-doubts rise up into my throat, making my voice come out in a tiny squeak. This was something that I had to overcome. The importance of sharing yoga with others made it well worth the work.   

Lots of throat chakra balancing helped. And so did the general spirit of the yogic teachings of embracing yourself where you are at and choosing the path of least judgement. After several deep breaths and a lot of trust, I find a way to project my quiet voice. And more importantly, to believe that what I have to say is of value. My ‘wisdom’ is not unique. My thoughts are no deeper or more profound than yours or his or hers or theirs. My 'wisdom' is a collection of my insights and experiences. The teachings of Tantric Yoga provide a structure for me to share them. And unique or not, each voice is so very important. I hope you share yours too! 

Esther Petrocine