Who instructs the classes?

Let’s begin with a little introduction. My name is Esther Petrocine. I am a movement educator and creative instructor. My aim is to offer an inclusive space for each individual to come as they are, to deepen their relationship with Self, tap into their own inner wisdom, and to feel empowered through movement. I began my movement studies as a child, growing up as a dancer and an athlete; and went on to earn a BS in Human Physiology and a minor in Dance from the University of Oregon.

Movement has shown up in many forms in my life, and so has injury. As a result of being in pain, I found myself drawn to the healing qualities of yoga, both physically and spiritually. The relationship I developed with my practice became the motive to pursue a YogaFit teacher training in 2006. Coupling that with a STOTT Pilates instructor training, I was able to share these mind-body classes by offering them at the gym where I was a personal trainer. I later changed career paths entirely, but kept up my personal yoga practice and studies. I was fortunate over the course of many years in Portland to be highly involved in the world of semi-professional dance, both as a performer and choreographer.

Eventually, on my long and winding path, I began to study yoga with Alison Alstrom, a certified Anusara Yoga instructor. In 2013, I completed a 200 HR RYTT with her, learned the Universal Principles of Alignment, bringing me into better alignment with my highest self. All of the “hugging in” deepened my love for the therapeutic approach to movement.

Yoga has been an important piece of my spiritual journey, supporting me through the trials of life, helping me to stay present and humble to the needs of my body. It has been a profound influence in overcoming chronic pain and staying connected to my heart. I am a forever student, learning from each person who opens to the possibilities that arise while on their mat.

Although I am not currently building my dance program (being mom is my #1 job and leaves me feeling full of love and short on time!), I do hope to offer classes down the road. Growing up in a small town in Laramie, Wyoming, I deeply valued having a dance teacher who provided great dance classes and creative space for students. That opportunity influenced and shaped who I am today. I hope to provide more opportunities for the youth and for adults in Wallowa County to find self-expression through dance and other forms of movement.