Salutations Studio
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Yoga FOR All PEople

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Who We ARE

Salutations Studio offers high quality and affordable dance & yoga classes for the community. Founded by Esther Petrocine, Salutations Studio is a space for people of all abilities and movement experience to come feel the joy of being in their bodies! Salutations is a friendly greeting and a reference to the classic sequence of yoga poses, Sun Salutations. Opening toward the east, or the rising sun, is symbolic of asking for blessings of grace and bliss. Come find yours in one of the many class offerings throughout the week, and seasonally varied!


I Invite you to move your body!

My aim is to offer freedom through mindful movement. I hope you’ll join one of the weekly class offerings or contact me to set up a private session. My belief is that movement classes should be available to EVERYONE. I am committed to low-cost, high quality classes and am always willing to trade or arrange work-exchange opportunities. With a varying class schedule, I hope to make movement accessible to all.

Namaste, -Esther